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UNIQA series pumps, designed for heavy-duty professional applications. Motors are designed with the aim of achieving the Premium (IE3) efficiency class according to the EN 60034-30 standard and guarantee high performance with low energy use. There are various types of hydraulics, to adapt perfectly to any type of application.


UNIQA Series electric submersible pumps

UNIQA series pumps, designed for heavy-duty professional applications, are used in industrial and other wastewater treatment plants and for lifting sewage and pumping wastewater which contains solids.

Models are available with:

  • vortex impeller (ZUG V) with full free passage
  • channel impeller (ZUG OC) with anti-clogging and anti-fouling system
  • high head impeller (ZUG HP) capable of high hydraulic performances
  • impeller with grinding system (ZUG GR) for use with soiled liquids and filaments
  • impeller with Chopper sistem (ZUG CP) able to cut particles of any shape of proportion

Depending on the service required, each model comprises a motor-hydraulics combination chosen to provide optimal performance at the duty point, low energy use, and high reliability, thanks to the use of the materials best suited to the type of application.

The entire range is available in the DRY version, which requires no external liquid inputs and allows the electric pump to operate continually (S1 duty) even if partially submerged or installed in a dry chamber.


  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • High manometric head

  • Clean, rain and seepage water
  • Suitable for applications in agriculture, irrigation and fish farming

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