Centrifugal Water Pump

Standard Group is one of the largest Centrifugal Water Pump Stockists in UAE.

By definition, centrifugal water pumps transport fluids using rotational energy, typically powered by a motor. Impeller accelerates the fluid – a series of curved or triangular plates that are always immersed in fluid – which is housed by a casing.

Depending on the type of fluid being moved, the impeller may be closed, semi-open or open. Liquid flows into the suction port and he impeller moves the water radially outward to the discharge nozzle. This velocity is converted to pressure energy.

In other words, these pumps are designed to deliver best-in-class efficiency. Depending on operating hours, fuel, and horsepower required, you can save thousands per year in energy costs.

For example, common applications of centrifugal water pumps are industrial, agriculture, municipal water and wastewater plants, power generation plants, petroleum and many other industries.

Therefore, many agricultural irrigation applications uses Centrifugal Water Pumps.

In conclusion, Standard Group, UAE offers a large selection of water pumps that meet or exceed optimum efficiency standards.

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