Rotary Gear Pumps

Rotary Gear Pumps work on a positive-displacement pumping principle. The design consists of a rotor, which is mounted eccentrically inside a cylindrical housing or stator. Blades, mounted inside the rotor, move in and out due to centrifugal force following the internal surface of the housing.

In other words, rotary pumps are normally driven by electric motors, geared motors, or belt driven with motors. Sometimes a rotary pump is driven by a steam turbine. In very rare cases by an internal combustion engine.

It is a valveless pump in which the fluid is positively pushed by meshing vanes on parallel revolving shafts and meshing screws into the discharge pipe.

Rotary pumps make up the second largest group of pumps in terms of numbers. They also represent the second most economical selection, next to centrifugals.

Most rotary pumps are self-priming and along with that have the ability to handle fluids consisting of liquids with entrained gas or vapour. In comparisons with the high pulsations and definitive batched flow of the reciprocating types, the rotary has a more continuous flow with lower pulsation levels. They are available in types that can handle fluids of extremely high viscosity.

Hence, Rotary Pumps are useful for pumping oil and other liquids of high viscosity. In the engine room, rotary pumps are used for handling lube oil and fuel oil. They are also suitable for handling liquids over a wide range of viscosities.

Therefore, Rotary Pumps are ideal for thicker, high viscosity fluids like automotive oils, plastics, paint, adhesives or soaps.

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