Hycomp by Quincy

Hycomp are specialists in manufacturing oil free reciprocating gas compressors and boosters since 1969.

Acquired by Quincy in Jan 2024 and now the products are marketed as QDS Odyssey.

Quincy will stock and supply spare parts required for all the existing Hycomp compressors in the market.

They are designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the most rigorous applications.

Supplied in range from 5-75 HP with pressure range of 300-600 PSIG and CFM of 18-504

Custom made units can produce pressure of 1500 PSIG for special applications.

Beyond Air and Nitrogen compression, capable of compressing other gases like Argon, Helium, Krypton, Neon, Xenon, Heliox, Carbon di oxide, Carbon mono oxide, LPG etc.

Available in both single stage and two stage.

Guaranteed 20+ years life expectancy.

Used in Aerospace, Automotive, Pharma, Laser cutting, Electronics, Food production applications where oil free high pressure fluids are critical and paramount.

All components are designed and MADE IN USA.

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QDS Odyssey Air & Nitrogen Booster