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Rotary screw air compressor is a positive displacement compression system that includes a pair of matching helical screws. An oil-flooded rotary screw compressor includes a lubricant that fills the gap between the rotors, which creates an air-tight hydraulic seal and transfers mechanical energy between the two rotors.


  • Tank Mounted Rotary screw Air compressor package
  • 300 litres Horizontal Tank
  • Low sound acoustical enclosure
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Plug & play type

Easy Maintenance

Designed for On-Site Serviceability

Keeping your QGS in peak operating condition is an easy process. All consumable components are located behind one access panel, which offers the benefit of convenience and time savings. You can also monitor all fluid levels without having to remove any panels. The spin-on filter significantly speeds up and simplifies the preventive maintenance task. Best of all, the QGS provides lower overall maintenance costs than most comparable rotary screw air compressors on the market.


Backed by an Industry-Leading Warranty

When it comes to Quincy direct drive air compressors, high performance, long life and low service requirements aren’t just part of a sales pitch. They’re things we actively stand behind with one of the best warranty programs in the business. All QSI compressors are backed by our Royal Blue warranty program, covering the unit’s airend for 10 years and other major components for five. With Quincy, you can be confident knowing you’re doing business with a company that is there for you for as long as you own our products. Extended warranty and maintenance packages are also available — contact a representative for more information.


Precise Controls for Enhanced Performance

In industries where overheads are high and maximum productivity is key, the ability to precisely control your air compressor is a vital part of staying profitable. Quincy direct drive air compressors feature multiple control options that allow you to maintain optimal efficiency without sacrificing performance. The QSI series is equipped with a microprocessor-based control system. An intuitive navigation menu makes it easy to make fine-tuned adjustments to system performance, without having to memorize codes or navigate complex parameters.

Optional gauge controls further refine this functionality. Simple, reliable and easy to read, Quincy gauge control systems feature silicone-dampened movements for precise adjustments of pressure, capacity and temperature.

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