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Following the successful launch of the revolutionary EZstrip progressing cavity pump, Mono has developed the EZstrip Cake Pump to make the process of maintaining a cake pump easy.

The EZstrip cake pump features a specially designed feed chamber which is easily disconnected allowing access to the rotor and screw conveyor assembly.  The rotor can then be separated from the conveyor allowing removal of the rotor and stator while in-situ, without disconnecting suction and delivery pipework.



A new addition to the EZstrip™ family of products, the CT201 TR Muncher® has been designed specifically to meet on-site tanker discharge requirements and sludge/fat processing, for maceration of solids within the flow and protection of downstream equipment from blockages.

Installation of the EZstrip™ CT201 TR Muncher® is simple, with in-line flanges or the option of tanker coupling connections.  Quick release inspection covers also allow in-situ replacement of the cutters, which can be specified to either 8.0mm, 5.5mm and 3.0mm thickness, to match the optimum particle size for specific process requirements.



Designed specifically for the efficient maceration of abrasive sludges, the EZstrip™ CT203/05 TR Munchers are very effective in capturing irregular shaped objects.  The layback cutter shafts on this Muncher are set at an angle to the incoming flow.  If a rejection cycle is necessary, the object can drop into the built-in trash trap set clear of and below the cutter stacks, preventing damage.  The trash trap is fitted with a large diameter access port to enable easy removal, cleaning and flushing.

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