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Wide and comprehensive range of process chemical centrifugal pumps made of pure thermoplastics and fluoropolymers, they are sized according to ISO 2838 and can be supplied bare shaft or complete with base plate and coupling with a spacer (for back-pull out operation). The pump bodies are extremely rugged, machined from solid thermoplastics with an outer metal casing.


This series of thermoplastic or fluorinated polymers pumps is available in both magnetic drive setting and mechanical seal for pumping various chemical liquids even if laden with impurities and suspended solids. Mainly by the quantity and quality of these, you can choose the setting that better suits you. A patented system for dry running without damage is available for the magnetic drive version.

Capacity: up to 50m3/h
Construction: Close coupled
Motor powers: kW 0,25 ÷ 11
Wetted parts: PP or E-CTFE

Self-alignment System

The mag-drive version features the patented “bi-directional axial self-alignment system” which allows, for the “R” configuration, to run dry. The combination of adequate materials of the driving system of the impeller with a specific magnetic field wholly eliminates all frontal frictions that are the cause of breakage when dry running. It is possible to couple standard motors without disassembling the pump.


  • Electroplating plants
  • Deionising (Desalination)
  • Water purification
  • Gold / silver-plating
  • Cleaning (Food & Beverages)
  • Cleaning (Pharma & cosmetics)
  • Pre-treatments (Desalination)
  • Cooling towers (Chemistry)
  • Transfer (Chemistry)
  • Waste water treatments (Food & Beverages)
  • Waste water treatments (Power plant)
  • Waste water treatments (Pharma & cosmetics)
  • Waste water treatments (Water treatments)

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