24 Nov

Standard Ship Spares Dubai receives ‘Highest Overall International Sales’ Award at 2014 FTI EMEA Regional Conference

Finish Thompson recently held its 2014 :: EMEA – Regional Conference in exotic Marrakech, Morocco.

This Conference was attended by distribution partners from all over the European, Middle Eastern and African regions.

Attendees once again had the opportunity to learn via presentations and hands-on materials as well as offer contributions of their own.

As part of the conference, Standard Ship Spares LLC Dubai (part of the Standard Group) got an opportunity to
provided insight into applications where Finish Thompson pumps had been successful in the GCC region.

The conference also saw the inaugural meeting of the FTI Distributor Advisory Board (DAB), which will provide FTI’s partners a platform from which they can work together to generate constructive feedback and serve as a guide for future customer relations, marketing, and product design.

Murtaza Rasheed, Executive Director of the Standard Group of Companies, who also overseas the distribution of FTI products is also on the FTI DAB board.

For the Standard Group, the highlight was receiving the Highest Overall International Sales Award at the conference in Morocco. This is the third such award received by the group from FTI USA in the last four years. It is indeed an honor and achievement by the hard working team at the Standard Group.