20 May

The Standard Group of companies is pleased announce their appointment as exclusive distributors for the Argal ‘Saturn’ line of FRP centrifugal pumps.

We will be covering the GCC countries, namely, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Saturn Evo FRP Pumps

Integrally produced by Argalin its plant in Italy,they are created by RTM injection moulding technology. The use offiberglass, material of different weight, texture orientation and numbers, reinforces the structure of the pump in the most mechanically solicited areas and at the same time offers high-quality surface finish and excellent chemical resistance of the wetted surfaces.

Saturn pumps are available in two versions: ZGS (long-coupled) and ZMS (close-coupled).

For any enquiries for Argal FRP pumps, pls feel free to visit www.pumpsuae.com or send enquiries to argal@pumpsuae.com