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Standard Group participates in Wetex 2014 in Dubai
Standard Ship Spares Dubai receives 'Highest Overall International Sales' Award at 2014 FTI EMEA Regional Conference
Standard group launches Standard Technical Supply LLC Oman at OGWA (Oil and Gas West Asia)
FTI Drum pumps - Cut the Cord!
Go Cord-Free with the S6

The S6, powered by the latest lithium ion battery technology, is the world’s only industrial strength rechargeable drum pump motor. When fully charged, the S6 can pump as much as 450 gallons (1,700 liters).

The S6 is no lightweight, easily handling industrial applications. The rugged, corrosion resistant design makes it ideal for abusive environments like plating shops, printed circuit board manufacturing and water treatment plants.

Cord free operation means operators are no longer restricted to an outlet. They can take the battery powered S6, coupled to the appropriate EF series pump, literally anywhere.  The lithium ion technology retains a charge for extended periods making it ideal for applications where the pump might only be used occasionally.

The 12-volt car charger option makes the S6 the ideal for applications where chemical delivery is required in the field like filling small day tanks with sodium hypochlorite at water storage reservoirs.  In-shop chargers are available in both 115V and 230V, and have the option of securing the entire EF pump, S6 motor, and battery charger in a secure, rugged, and compact molded nylon wall-mount.

After seeing and reading about the S6 motors capabilities, and knowing you’re getting the quality and reliability of an “S” series motor from Finish Thompson, and then seeing the low price, it becomes more and more understandable why we hear customers say “Wow! Really?” and we always answer “Yes, really!”

You can always learn more by emailing our FTI team at

Endless Potential

The EF Series 12-volt Lithium Ion Drum Pump Motor has been applied in many various applications since its release. The cordless portable design has taken the EF series to a variety of end users. The typical applications involve transfer of chemicals from drum to smaller container.  Each application holds its own promise of broad success.

A printed circuit board customer in California is currently using the EFV PVDF series drum pump with cordless motor in his chemical storage shed where power or air is not easily obtainable. Prior to using the S6 motor he was forced to use hand pumps that took a long time and were replaced often due to failure. With the EFV/S6 combination he was able to save time and money by using an industrial pump for an industrial application.

This same customer also uses EFV/S6 combination in his shop to empty his process tanks during routine maintenance. Not having to use a corded pump around his process provided a safer environment due to possible trips and falls. Not having to wind up a cord around a wet process where chemicals inevitably end up on the floor was an additional benefit to the customer.

Another interesting application where the S6 is being used is by a research facility that routinely goes out and takes samples from the ocean. The S6 rechargeable cordless motor used with an EF pump allows them to take samples quickly and without the hassle and weight of a 5 gallon bucket tied to a rope. The 12 volt charger also allows them to charge on the research vessel between sample points.

A pharmaceutical company is using the S6 for pumping cleaning chemicals.

With the combination of tube set materials and lengths available as well as the convenience of the cordless rechargeable S6 motor, the potential applications are seemingly endless and varied.
Standard Group appointed as distributors for NOV MONO

Standard Group appointed as distributors in the region for NOV MONO, the global leader in progressive cavity pumps. The new NOV Mono® is now the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps. It also designs and manufactures a wide range of associated products including grinders, screens, mixers, parts and packaged solutions. These product solutions have numerous applications in water and wastewater, pulp and paper, specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, energy, solar and agriculture.

Just Launched : Wilden Pro-Flo Shift
Standard Group launches Pro-Flo Shift by Wilden.
Pro-Flo Shift

Wilden’s Pro-Flo ® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS) represents a significant breakthrough in energy efficiency as industrial plants work to reduce air consumption as well as their carbon footprints. Available in Wilden’s Advanced™ and Original™ Series air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps, the Pro-Flo SHIFT:

  • Achieves up to 60% savings in air consumption
  • Delivers more yield per SCFM versus competitive AODD pumps
  • Costs 50% less than electronically actuated ADS
  • Has fewer operating parts, meaning less downtime and simplified maintenance
  • Is available in a single-point exhaust option (for submersible applications)
  • Features plug-and-play operation
FTI Pumps USA features Standard Group in their March 2013 Newsletter
ADIPEC EXPO 2012 news tabloid features Standard Group
Video Presentation
Standard Group launches their new corporate video presentation to showcase their companies.
Standard Group displays range of pumps at ADIPEC 2012
Standard Ship Spares LLC - Part of The Standard Group exhibits complete range of pumps at stand #4060A at ADIPEC 2012.
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Standard Group exhibits Fristam Sanitary Pumps along Principal at Gulf Food Expo 2012 at Dubai World Trade Center

Press Release: Standard Group exhibits Fristam Sanitary Pumps along with Principal at GulFood Expo 2012 at Dubai World Trade Center.

Standard Ship Spares LLC - Part of The Standard Group exhibited Fristam Sanitary Food Pumps along
their Principals Fristam Germany at the GulFood Expo 2012 at Dubai World Trade Center from the 19-22nd February 2012.

Standard Ship Spares LLC have been recently appointed as UAE distributors for Fristam pumps.

Throughout the world Fristam is recognised as a manufacturer of stainless-steel pumps of the highest quality. Fristam’s solid design with a minimum wall thickness of 6 mm renders each pump dimensionally stable, absolutely reliable, exceptionally quiet and insusceptible to sudden changes in pressure – even at very high discharge pressures.

Fristam pumps are extremely reliable and practically maintenance-free.

Throughout their manufacturing process, attention to the smallest detail ensures the enormous lifespan of often over 30 years for a Fristam pump. In daily service Fristam's high standards result in the most reliable and almost maintenance-free operation. Consequently, in the long run a Fristam pump will always be the most cost-effective solution for a company.

ISO 9001:2008 certification achieved by our three companies!

The Standard Group of Companies are pleased to announce the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems certification of three of our companies, namely, Standard Ship Spares LLC, Standard Technical Supply LLC and Standard Pumps Trading.

This is indeed an honor for our group.

We believe that implementing ISO will give us certain advantages such as:

  1. Creating a more efficient, effective operation for our group.
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  3. Enhance our marketing of our pumps and related products.
  4. Improving employee motivation, awareness, and morale.
  5. Reducing waste within our organization and increase productivity.
  6. Customer Focus and continual improvement in our systems will be our guiding principals to ensure we make full use of this Quality system that we have implemented in our companies.

ISO certification is a commitment to on-going service excellence within our group.

Pacer, Portable Pumps are now introduced in UAE by Standard Group

We now introduce to the Middle East market a new type of US made Portable Chemical Pump by Pacer.

Pacer Portable Thermoplastic Pumps with Gas / Petrol Engines.

New website launched on 25th Anniversary of Standard Group.

The Standard Group, was founded in 1986 by Jabir Rasheed, a Mechanical engineer and Entrepreneur, who started Standard Ship Spares LLC (SSS).

The Focus of SSS was to procure and supply Emergency marine equipment and spares to the shipping industry in the UAE and Middle East which was a rarity in this region at that time. This was made possible by a good network of worldwide suppliers with whom Mr. Rasheed had formed strong business relations and tie-ups.

AWW Mag features Argal & Griswold Pumps. AWW Mag features the Standard Group. ADIPEC 2010, UAE
Novermber 1-4
Arab Water World Magazine features the Standard Group in its article in Janauary 2011 issue.. [Read Article] Arab Water World Magazine features the Standard Group in its article in Janauary 2011 issue.. [Read Article]

One of the largest petroleum shows in the world, the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference 2010  staged at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 1-4 November 2010. STALL #5100

SG markets Griswold Pumps. Pedrollo submersible pumps in the UAE. Standard Group, LLC is hiring now!
Griswold Pumps designs and manufactures a variety of pumps, including ANSI, end suction centrifugals, self-priming and submersible/vertical turbines.

The Standard Group of Companies has been appointed as Stockists for Pedrollo Submersible pumps for the UAE.

Founded in 1974, Pedrollo Spa is now a reference mark in the water supply sector worldwide.

Standard Group, LLC is hiring now! Are you ready to join a professional, motivated and enthusiastic team?

Find which posts are vacant with us and send your resume.

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